INRoadCon Goes Digital

Our convention website, inroadcon.org, is a clearinghouse for INRoadCon19 info. In lieu of a convention app, we’ll be using the agenda and updates pages heavily, so you may want to bookmark them. Shortly, we’ll be sending you:

  • Website login info.
  • An invitation to create a Badge OS account that will help us track INRoadCon19 game points.
  • An invitation to sign up for SlickText that will allow you to receive text notifications for convention activities.

Again, it’s important to share this info with your spouse/guest if applicable, so they won’t miss out on important INRoadCon19 updates and PRIZES.

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Who’s Coming to Duck Key?

We're counting down the days to INRoadCon19 at Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key. Here's our most current list of participants:

Andrew Meeks

Heather Haas
Matt Haas

American Road & Transportation Builders Association
Pete Ruane
Pat Ruane

American Structurepoint, Inc.
Ryan Cross
Ashley Cross
Greg Kicinski
Vickie Kicinski

Asphalt Materials, Inc.
Dave Rassel
Susan Rassel

Assured Partners of Indiana, LLC
Larry Simons
Kim Simons

Brandeis Machinery & Supply Company
Andy Lock
Emily Terry

Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
Eric Graft
Nikki Graft
Roger Kuehnert
Tammy Kuehnert
Chad Loggins
Erin Loggins
Cindy Riebersal
Brent Belote
Ryan Shotts
Melissa Shotts
Bill Stevens
Robin Wise
Jay Woenker
Annah Woenker

Calumet Civil Contractors, Inc.
Kevin Green
Teresa Green

CE Hughes Milling, Inc.
Charles Becht
Karie Becht
Caroline Hughes
Mary Beth Hughes

Central Paving, Inc.
Bob Brandstatter
Emily Brandstatter
Kurt Brandstatter
Pat Brandstatter

Jeff Cummings
Laura Jackson

Construction Fabrics & Grids
Chap Blackwell
Sharon Dodson
Chad Crimmins
Christina Crimmins

Dave O'Mara Contractor, Inc.
Dan O'Mara
Patricia O'Mara
Rob O'Mara

Don Smock Auction Co., Inc.
Nicolas Smock
Samantha Smock

E & B Paving, Inc.
Brad Dreibelbis
Sarah Dreibelbis
John Eller
Kristy Eller
Tony Evans
Amy Evans
David Heyde
Alison Heyde
Todd Hoops

Force Construction Company, Inc.
Pat Kirchner
Sandi Kirchner
Justin Nolting
Niki Nolting
Joe Skibinski
Wendy Skibinski

Fox Contractors Corp.
Don Adamson
Libby Adamson

G.E. Marshall, Inc.
Frank Marshall
Debra Marshall

Gradex, Inc.
Jason Dapp
Liz Dapp

GridLock Traffic Systems, Inc.
Kurt Schleter
Peggy Schleter
Todd Scott
Crystal Scott

Harmon Steel, Inc.
Greg Allen
Heather Allen
Rick New
Tia New
Michael Pritchett
Michelle Pritchett

Highway Safety Services, Inc.
Mike Madrid

HIS Constructors, Inc.
Tommy Blair
Sarah Blair
Terry Morgan
Monica Morgan
Earl Settles
Bettina Settles

Hughes Group, Inc.
Mark Burdick
Stephanie Burdick
James Hughes
Larisa Hughes

Hydro-Technologies, Inc.
James Hughes
Kathy Hughes

Indiana Constructors, Inc.
Richard Hedgecock
Belinda Hedgecock
Haley Hedgecock
Andria Hine

Indiana Ready Mixed Concrete Assoc.
Jerry Larson
Barbara Larson

Irving Materials, Inc.
Michael Browne
Lisa Browne
Steve Crane
Paula Brown
Price Irving
Elaine Irving
Jeff McPherson
Kassy McPherson
Jason Richmond
Cari Richmond

James H. Drew Corporation
Gene Lindley
Heather Fortune
Jacob Sipe
Megan Sipe

MacAllister Machinery Company, Inc.
Dave Clark
Sue Clark
Cory Collins
Marie Horning
Dan Dayton
Marietta Dayton
Pat Riley
Jennifer Buntin-Riley

Martin Marietta
Edwin Gehr
Linda Gehr

McCrite Milling & Construction Co.
Pat McCrite
Leaha McCrite

Mid-America Milling Co., LLC (MAMCO)
Ed Combs
Leslie Combs
Shane Koetter
Kramer Koetter
Scott Sherrell
Brandi Sherrell

Milestone Contractors, L.P.
Steve Friess
Nancy Friess
Derek Merida
Nanette Merida
Doug Pierce
Mark Thompson
Kathy Thompson

Modified Concrete Suppliers, LLC
Caleb Austel
Julie Austel
Brent Vautaw
Cindi Vautaw

Northern Indiana Construction Co. Inc.
David Walorski
Deb Walorski

Phend & Brown, Inc.
Andy Brown
Kathy Brown
Dan Brown
Nilah Brown
Douglas Brown
Jodi Brown
Larry Burckhart
Corinne Burckhart
Brent Lamb
April Lamb
Gary Price
Barbie Price
Andrew Schouten
Emily Schouten

Phoenix Services LLC
Chad Biggs
Laci Wardrip
Paul Overton
Carol Overton

Primco, Inc.
Scott Fredrick
Carolyn Fredrick
Joe Thomas
Lisa Thomas

Rieth-Riley Construction Co., Inc.
Eddie Holliday
Imy White
Tom Horkey
Julie Horkey
Paul Tate
Elaine Tate

Rogers Group, Inc.
Trent Carney
Gena Carney
Spencer DePoy
Lara DePoy

Rudd Equipment Company
Gary Harshberger
Debbie Harshberger
Tom Kerr
Julia Kerr

Sagamore Ready Mix, LLC
Scott Hall
Meg Hall

Shelby Materials
Dustin Hartman
Amanda Hartman
Gregg Hebbe
Dara Hebbe

Smith Ready Mix
Scott Massom
Karen Massom

Specialties Company, LLC
Joe Hile
Karen Hile

The Hoosier Company, Inc.
Keith Mullens II
Melanie Mullens

US Aggregates
Caleb Brown
Heather Brown
John Schmidt
Janice Schmidt

USI Consultants, Inc.
Ben Beer
Debbie Beer
Philip Beer II
Kara Beer

Wabash Valley Asphalt Co., LLC
Dan Conley
Terri Conley

Walsh & Kelly, Inc.
Lynn Bauer
Amy Bauer
Greg Hoffman
Shelle Hoffman
Kevin Kelly
Marijo Kelly
David Misirly
Lisa Misirly
Nick Relias
Jamie Relias
Jeff Swan
Christine Swan

West Side Tractor Sales Company
Matt Frost
Mary Kay Frost
Bill Price
Katie Price

Thank you to our sponsors, who make this convention one of the best!



Sponsors Make the Magic Happen

Here’s a quick shout out to those companies who’ve already pledged their support for INROADCON19 and encouragement for others to join this great group today!



INRoadCon19 in a great opportunity to use targeted marketing dollars where they’ll make the most impact. We still have premium sponsorships available at every price point, and we’ll work with you to develop a sponsorship that works best for your company. Don’t forget, Platinum and Gold sponsors now receive discounts on every company conference registration! Contact Andria Hine with questions about the perfect sponsorship for your business.


Flock to INRoadCon19

We’ve re-imagined and re-branded the Indiana Construction Industry Conference. Join us for INRoadCon19 at Hawks Cay Resort on Duck Key, Fla. Feb. 8-15, 2019, where you can hang out with life-long friends and create new industry connections, explore ideas to improve your leadership role or simply relax and enjoy the Florida Keys before the season kicks in.

In the meantime, use this site as a mobile conference app – as we get closer to the conference, we’ll add details, games and ways to connect with other participants. We’ll provide updates here, in your inbox and on social media channels. Like/follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram and check out our welcome video!

A Fresh New Look

We’ve updated our branding to more accurately reflect our annual industry gathering. Welcome to INRoadCon! It’s a destination that delivers – from educational sessions to networking excursions – this is the don’t miss gathering of the year.

Bookmark this page, or subscribe to the RSS feed, and check back for INRoadCon19 updates.