San Juan, Puerto Rico is a foodie paradise with unique, local dining experiences around every turn. Here’s a comprehensive food map, and below are some of the most highly rated restaurants in the city! Do you know a great place we should include? Send us tips!


1919 Restaurant |  $$$$
1055 Ave Ashford, Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, San Juan | +1 787-724-1919
We place the highest value on hand-selecting products that are local, artisanal and homemade in order to craft food that is flavor-forward. Always fresh and with a contemporary flair, the food at Condado’s 1919 Restaurant is served with meticulous care and pride from our island kitchen to your table. Private dining room available.

Marmalade Restaurant & Wine Bar | $$$$
317 Fortaleza Street, San Juan | +1 787-724-3969
Our food is a natural and creative blend of eclectic and nutritionally inspired ingredients. Each ingredient is part of a process and search to bring forth health, community and earth-friendly ideology into our restaurant.

Mario Pagan Restaurant | $$$$
1110 Ave Magdalena, San Juan | +1 787-522-6444
Absolute gem featuring Caribbean, Puerto Rican, Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan and Gluten-Free Options. Private dining room available.

Oceano | $$$$
2 Vendig St., San Juan | +1 787-724-6300
Oceano’s cuisine is fresh, creative and unique. Renowned for serving locally sourced seafood and mouthwatering tropical accents. Private dining room available.

Perla | $$$$
1077 Ave Ashford, La Concha Resort, San Juan | +1 787-977-3285
The shell has been the site for many special occasions and has been visited by many celebrities and dignitaries including John F. Kennedy when he visited the island during his presidency. The menu features local cuisine, seafood, vegetarian-friendly and vegan options.

Trois Cent Onze | $$$$
311 Calle de La Fortaleza, San Juan | +1 787-725-7959
Trois Cent Onze’s cuisine is refined, delicate yet full of flavors of what France’s culinary art has best to offer. Our exquisite menu is a result of passion and culinary mastery.


Condal Tapas Restaurant | $-$
1104 Ave Magdalena, San Juan | +1 787-725-0023
Lovely tapas restaurant with rooftop seating provides a mix of Latin, Mediterranean, European, Spanish, Puerto Rican and Catalan cuisine, just a few steps away from La Concha Resort. Private dining rooftop available.

The Loft | $-$
1077 Ashford Avenue La Concha Renaissance Resort, San Juan | +1 787-721-7500
Wake up to a modern Puerto Rican breakfast at Delicias. Classic American recipes blend with our local favorites into a mouthwatering morning experience. Our buffet is among Puerto Rico’s most distinctive, with fruits and other ingredients locally sourced. Our advice? Try our morning cocktails.

Entrevinos | $-$
6150 Ave Isla Verde #187, Plazoleta Isla Verde, San Juan | +1 787-705-7600
Wine bar featuring local and international contemporary cuisine. Open from Monday to Sunday with the best wine and champagne selection at the best prices. Delicious BRUNCH on Sunday from 10:30 am until 3:00 pm.

Musa Puerto Rico | $-$
613 Calle Cerra, San Juan | +1 787-366-2300
Musa is a chic gastro pub where you can enjoy everything from tapas and cocktails to upscale seafood dishes. This is definitely the place where art meets food in the heart of Santurce.

Pannes | $-$
1125 Ashford Avenue, San Juan | +1 787-300-3333
Pannes opens daily from 6 a.m. till late night and offers a great variety of breakfasts, Puerto Rican food, great sandwiches and lovely coffee. For lunch, Pannes has daily Puerto Rican specials at great prices. You can have a mofongo, special beefsteak, mamposteao rice and many flavorful options. Stop by for dinner menu or check out the best wine cellar in town and bottle service at the lowest prices, and you’ll be spoiled with first class service all the way!

Princesa Gastrobar | $-$
Paseo de la Princesa, Viejo San Juan, San Juan | +1 787-723-7878
Taste our authentic 1800s gastronomy. We are the only restaurant that has integrated in the menu recipes of a Puerto Rican cookbook published in 1850. Private dining areas available.

Serafina San Juan | $-$
1077 Ave Ashford, La Concha Resort, San Juan | +1 787-722-5050
Opened in August of 2015, Serafina is a modern Italian restaurant located in San Juan’s Condado District. We pride ourselves on serving the freshest ingredients and most robust flavors in all of our signature dishes. Private dining room available.


Ana’s Cafe | $
1909 Calle Loiza Frente A Wendy’s, San Juan | +1 787-727-4498
Quaint, authentic Puerto Rican food – literally a home-cooked meal.

Antojitos Del Callejon | $
281 San Sebastian Street, San Juan | +1 787-598-4482
Empanadas & Beer.

Los Tres Cuernos | $
359 Calle San Francisco, San Juan | +1 787-723-2766
Sandwiches, tapas and brews.

Vagon | $
302 Calle Labra, San Juan | +1 787-515-4415
Vagón is a Mexican restaurant with Tex-Mex and SoCal influences with lots of flavor. Come and join us for a fun outdoor seating environment.