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You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers. And if you can’t find what you need here, our staff can help you during the registration process and on-site at Hawks Cay Resort.

What are the average temperatures in February?
High: 77° F
Low: 66° F What time zone is Duck Key in?
Duck Key is in the Eastern Time Zone – same as Indiana (mostly). What should I wear to the conference?
If you’re hosting/attending private client functions, contact the organizer for dress recommendations, but as a general rule of thumb, this conference is a relaxed affair. Bring a sundress to stay cool and a collared shirt or two for the education sessions. Beyond that, leave your jackets and heels behind. If you think resort casual, you may be overdressed. This year, we’re casual casual. Stock up on flip-flops, swimsuits, board shorts and plenty of sunscreen for your adventures throughout the Florida Keys. What about ridesharing services to get around?
Uber and Lyft both operate in the Florida Keys. Does the conference registration include hotel accommodations?
No, you need to book your room separately here. Where can I golf in the Florida Keys?
While there are several private golf clubs in the Florida Keys, the two that open and available to the public are: Key West Golf Club
6450 College Rd, Key West, FL 33040-4346 | 305-294-5232 Key Colony Beach Recreation
8th Street, Key Colony Beach, FL 33051 | 305-289-9859