As our convention travels to San Juan, Puerto Rico, Feb. 7-14, 2020, we’re excited to offer a new look and feel for our participants in a safe, vibrant, urban setting. Our San Juan experience will be unique. You can step out the hotel’s front door onto a city street full of restaurants, night clubs and rooftop gathering spots and out the back door onto a beautiful, secluded beach. But that’s only one part of the San Juan story.

Puerto Rico has had its fair share of troubles recently, but everyone there is working hard to welcome tourists and to recover from the weather and political upheaval. To help the island’s recovery, we’re planning a program that not only offers the fellowship and education members are used to, but also opportunities for participants who want to help folks living in this U.S. Territory.

Registration fees for INRoadCon20 are $1525 per individual or $1770 per couple. Additional fees apply for add-on activities. Resort accommodations are not included in your convention registration fees.

Here’s a sample of the sights that await your arrival in San Juan.